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Nconen, Owner of 232 Group

I met graffiti in my middle school years. High school time, my stay in England for a while, increased my interest even more. And I started producing constantly.


From streets to roofs, from under bridges to railway tracks; I started painting every empty wall I found. I became a person who slept on the streets and got a job all the time. That's why I've always kept my identity a secret. Because I wanted my works to be at the forefront more than my identity, rather than my identity arousing curiosity in people.


With the "Kill'em All" magazine I have released and the graffiti videos I have published, “Our Neighborhood”, I have gone one step further. The art education I received has also started to help me improve my business. Now people wanted to paint their shops, stores, even the walls of their houses.


in the middle of 2016, I laid the foundations for the formation of "232 Artworks Interior Architecture and Art Consultancy". In this way, as a team in the field of contemporary art, we have started to produce both our personal works and innovative ideas in the field of decoration, art and design.


My goal is to be able to show that graffiti is not only an activist action but is as valuable as art, and that it can add an aesthetic visuality between the walls we live in, not just the streets. That's why my works are mainly works involving painting, illustration and typography.

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