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2 3 2  H A N G A R

The HANGAR was designed as the new working space of 232 Artworks Interior Architecture and Design Company, which was established on an area of 600 m2 in Izmir, and then developed in accordance with the general purpose in order to support the production of different masses of people together with the width of the decking area. The opportunities offered by the area;

-One of the longest bars in Izmir with a 6 meter bar,

-The opportunity to host many events such as exhibitions, tasting days, meetings,

-It can be used for dancing, sports, advertising or cinema shooting,

-It is open to different fields and branches, such as the availability of space for parties, performing arts, music festivals or special occasions.

-With the presence of workshop area, painting, sculpture, fashion, jewelry, etc. the possibility of working comfortably with the production area,

-The loft part is designed like a house and has a meeting room-kitchen, bedroom and bathroom.

-Toilets are also ready for the needs of visitors, two women and two men on the down side.

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